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hello, you may know me as aaori or some other thing on the internet. im an istp 5w6 and a cancer. she/her, bi. feel free to talk to me about jjba stuff and gaming stuff.

things i like

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i like jjba, mgs, and many other things. i also like gaming and playing instruments. a niche hobby that i have is coding, i can do bbcode and javascript.


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"humans are basically creatures who destroy so they may live, but you've got the gentlest ability of them all."
-jotaro kujo

"impossible? we did a lot of impossible things on this journey. i'm tired of hearing that things are impossible or useless. those words mean nothing to us."
-jotaro kujo

"you give the impression of a gentleman... but you're the worst kind of madman."
-noriaki kakyoin

"our trip only lasted a few weeks, but they were my friends. i trusted them at the bottom of my heart."
-noriaki kakyoin

"life is worth living, even if it hurts you. even if you hurt in it."
-solid snake

"this is what resolve is! it is to carve out your destined path through the darkened waste!"
-giorno giovanna